Business Office

Photo of North Building

Welcome to the Business Office!

Among other things, the D233 H-F Community High School Business Office processes accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll and employee benefits for the district. The Business Office is located on the 2nd Floor of the North Building.


Dr. Lawrence Cook — Chief School Business Official
[email protected] • 708-335-5505

Lisa Caposey — Business Office Manager
[email protected] • 708-335-5506

Jamaica Canady — Bookkeeper
[email protected] • 708-335-5509

Janice Lewis — Accounts Payable
[email protected] • 708-335-5508 


Tara Knopp — Payroll & Benefits Coordinator
 • 708-335-5511


TBA — Payroll & Bookkeeping Assistant
 • 708-335-5547


Rionne Lewis — Campus Store Clerk
[email protected] • 708-335-5570


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