Driver Education



Pre-Registration: March 15, 2023
Google Form opens at 7:30 a.m.
*Must upload a picture of the student’s Instruction Permit that has been obtained from the DMV

Registration on April 25, 2023
in North Activities Room at 3:30pm
**Confirmation email must be brought to prove pre-registration



Driver Education topics include:

Highway Transportation System • Signs, Lines & Roadway Markings • Intersections • IPDE System & The Smith System • City (Urban) Driving • Laws of Nature • Expressway Driving • Adverse Conditions • Emergency Driving Situations • Driver Condition, Emotions & Attitudes • Alcohol/Drugs • Interacting with Motorcycles • Insuring & Owning a Car


Driver Education students will:

  • Evaluate traffic scenes in order to make safe and effective decisions while driving

  • Understand the risks and consequences involved with operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs

  • Know the Illinois Rules of the Road

  • Know how to adapt to a variety of driving conditions

  • Understand the financial and practical aspects of owning a vehicle

  • Know the basic techniques of operating a vehicle

  • Explain how overall attitude can affect safe driving


Behind the Wheel topics include:

Stop-Start-Turns-Backing • Residential Turns • 2-Lane Rural Highway • 4-Lane Highway • Turnabouts • Left-Bay • Right-Bay • Reverse-Bay • U-Turn • 3-Point • Uphill & Downhill Parking • Parallel & Angle Parking • Congested Driving • Expressway Driving • Emergencies & Adverse Conditions