Driver Education

2023 Pre-Registration Form



Pre-Registration: March 15, 2023
Google Form opens at 7:30 a.m.
*Must upload a picture of the student’s Instruction Permit that has been obtained from the DMV



I did not complete the form at 7:30am on March 15th, is it too late to register?

  • Registration is being taken on a first come first serve basis, but the form will remain open and you can complete it at any time.If all spots are filled, we will use form data to create a waitlist.

I completed the form but did not get a confirmation email….

  • Forms are being processed on a first come, first serve basis.Confirmations will be sent out once all fields have been verified.We are working as quickly as we can and hope to have contacted everyone by the end of the week.

I received my confirmation and need to make a payment

  • Fees will be added to student accounts as forms are processed. It may take 24 hours to post. If after 24 hours, you still don’t see a fee on your account, please email [email protected].

My form was not complete, now what?

  • We will be contacting parents and students on an individual basis, as forms are verified. You will either get an email confirming your place, requesting additional information, or notifying you that you are on the waitlist.




Driver Education topics include:

Highway Transportation System • Signs, Lines & Roadway Markings • Intersections • IPDE System & The Smith System • City (Urban) Driving • Laws of Nature • Expressway Driving • Adverse Conditions • Emergency Driving Situations • Driver Condition, Emotions & Attitudes • Alcohol/Drugs • Interacting with Motorcycles • Insuring & Owning a Car


Driver Education students will:

  • Evaluate traffic scenes in order to make safe and effective decisions while driving

  • Understand the risks and consequences involved with operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs

  • Know the Illinois Rules of the Road

  • Know how to adapt to a variety of driving conditions

  • Understand the financial and practical aspects of owning a vehicle

  • Know the basic techniques of operating a vehicle

  • Explain how overall attitude can affect safe driving


Behind the Wheel topics include:

Stop-Start-Turns-Backing • Residential Turns • 2-Lane Rural Highway • 4-Lane Highway • Turnabouts • Left-Bay • Right-Bay • Reverse-Bay • U-Turn • 3-Point • Uphill & Downhill Parking • Parallel & Angle Parking • Congested Driving • Expressway Driving • Emergencies & Adverse Conditions