Student Supports

The H-F Student Supports Office oversees the H-F Resiliency Project, which launched during the 2022-23 school year.


The H-F Resiliency Project focuses on strengthening the behavioral health of all students and increasing their capacity to recover from adversity. The project focuses on pro-active intervention to identify and address students’ at-risk indicators before they become severe problems. Program goals are to:

  • Improve all students’ academic performance. Reducing one risk indicator can increase academic performance by 20%.
  • Expand all students’ resiliency, positively impacting their personal growth. Students will have access to lessons and experiences that help them build resiliency in areas of growth opportunity.


The foundation of the H-F Resiliency Project is an accurate baseline of data that paints a picture of our students’ behavioral health. Homewood-Flossmoor High School has partnered with Terrace Metrics to measure SEL, Risk and Resiliency of students and teachers to ultimately positively impact educational outcomes. Since 2018, the system has been administered over a million times to students in public school districts and private/parochial/charter schools, ranging from 400,000+ students to schools having fewer than 30 students.


At H-F, students will take the Terrace Metrics assessment during the first semester of each school year. Parents will receive the individual results for their student. H-F social workers will have access to the results in order to plan programming to support students' academic and personal growth. Administration, school psychologists, school counselors and deans will have access when assisting the social workers with programming and support. Teachers will not see individual student results but will receive a group report of their students, to help inform the direction of their class discussions and lessons. Parents will receive information on how to opt out of the Terrace Metrics assessment should they not want their child to participate.


For more information about Terrace Metrics, visit this website:


For more information on student supports at H-F, please call 708-335-5773.

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Department Staff


Jennifer Rudan
Director of Student Supports
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Julie Gaham
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