Incoming Freshmen with IEPs

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Welcome to H-F, Future Vikings!

We are looking forward to your transition to Homewood-Flossmoor Community High School! This page includes some resources to help you become more familiar with the intake / enrollment process. Check out all of H-F's programs and courses in the 2023-24 Course Catalog by clicking here.




Q: What is the role of the case manager?

A: It is the case manager's responsibility to ensure that Special Education services and related services are provided to the child as outlined in the child's IEP and make a good faith effort to assist the child to achieve the goals listed on the IEP.

Q: When will the student be assigned a case manager?

A: Case managers are assigned to the students prior to the intake meetings. Case manager changes may occur to make an effort to assign the student a case manager who is also one of the student’s classroom teachers.

Q: How can I find out about sports and/or extracurricular activities?

A: For inquiries related to athletics, contact the Athletic Department at 708-335-5004. For inquiries related to clubs and extracurricular activities, contact the Activities Department at 708-335-5054.


Q: Will my child be able to take an elective in ninth grade?

A: Most students are able to take an elective during ninth grade. To prepare for the transition meeting, please list up to 5 electives your child would be interested in taking next year. These are course requests only. Enrollment in electives is determined by availability and how it fits into your child's schedule.



General Inquiries: 708-335-5691

IEP Meetings: 708-335-5698

Educational Placement / Courses: 708-335-6997

Special Transportation:


Speech / Language Pathologists:


Social Workers / Counseling:


Occupational Therapy:


Physical Therapy:

  • Mary Murney: 708-481-6100, ext. 3541


Hearing Itinerant:

  • Bridget Reed: 708-481-6100, ext. 3534