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The Illinois State Board of Education has replaced the ACT and PARCC with the SAT for state testing. This means that the state will provide the SAT to students in Grade 11 and use the results for school accountability. Students are still able to sign up for ACT exams on Saturdays, and colleges will continue to accept both exams in the admissions process.

SAT Exam Dates (Saturdays)
*Registration required via

Exam Date

Oct 1 2022* (Register by 9/2/22)

Nov 5, 2022* (Register by 10/7/22)

Dec 3, 2022* (Register by 11/3/22)

Mar 11, 2023 (Register by 2/10/23)

May 6, 2023* (Register by 4/7/23)

Jun 3, 2023 (Register by 5/4/23)

 * H-F is a testing site on this date. 


H-F SAT Test Prep - Juniors Only

Last year, H-F provided juniors with an SAT test preparation course, designed to help students better anticipate typical question types/formats/content and apply appropriate strategies for maximizing their score. The comprehensive prep course also helps students gain confidence in their test-taking abilities.

Please check back here for more information about SAT Test Prep for the 2022-2023 school year! 


Important SAT Resources

  • Free Online Test Prep with Khan Academy — Click here!
  • Downloadable Practice SAT Exams — Click here!
  • The College Board website (other info about SAT, create an account to receive your exam scores electronically) — Click here!

ACT Exam Dates

  • Sept 10, 2022
  • Oct 22, 2022
  • Dec 10, 2022 *
  • Feb 11, 2023
  • Apr 15, 2023
  • Jun 10, 2023
  • Jul 15, 2023

*Exam will be offered at H-F High School on this date. Register by 11/4/22. 

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