Special Education

Homewood-Flossmoor High School offers Special Education services to meet the varied needs of its students. The degree of contact by department staff may range from minimal service on a consultation basis to a full instructional program. The Special Education Program works to:

  • Implement the mandates of NCLB and IDEA

  • Analyze testing data to target areas of curriculum strengths and weaknesses

  • Develop and implement an articulated curriculum

Special Education services are provided to those meeting qualification standards in the IDEA in the following categories:


Autism (O)          Intellectual Disability (A)

Deaf/Blindness (H)         Deafness (G)

Developmental Delay (3-9) (N) Emotional Disability (K)

Hearing Impairment (F)         Multiple Disabilities (M)

Orthopedic Impairment (C) Other Health Impairment (L)

Speech and/or Language Impairment (I) Traumatic Brain Injury (P)

Visual Impairment Including Blindness (E) Specific Learning Disability (D)


Special Education services are provided on a continuum. The continuum of services at H-F consists of the following:

                                                      General Education
                                                      Cross-Categorical Program
                                                      Life Skills Program
                                                      Anchor Program
                                                      VAST Transition Program
                                                      Public Day School
                                                      Private Therapeutic Day School


Special Education Director:
David Dore, 708-335-5690


Special Education Department Chair:
 Jacalyn Bailey Moss(708) 335-6997


Secretary for the Director of Special Education

Paula Snyder



Secretary - Reimbursement Coordinator

Tracy Bosco



Secretary - Staffing / Scheduling

 Laura Ungaro



Link to Faculty and Staff Directory:

Faculty and Staff Directory




 For assistance with 504 plans, contact:


Associate Principal

 Craig Fantin



MTSS Coordinator

Jennifer Rudan



Procedural Safeguards -504s