Incoming Freshmen with IEPs

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Welcome to H-F, Future Vikings!

We are looking forward to your transition to Homewood-Flossmoor Community High School! This page includes some resources to help you become more familiar with the intake / enrollment process. Check out all of H-F's programs and courses in the 2023-24 Course Catalog by clicking here. Be sure to complete the following forms before your IEP Transition Meeting:





Q: What is the role of the case manager?

A: It is the case manager's responsibility to ensure that Special Education services and related services are provided to the child as outlined in the child's IEP and make a good faith effort to assist the child to achieve the goals listed on the IEP.

Q: When will the student be assigned a case manager?

A: Case managers are assigned to the students prior to the intake meetings. Case manager changes may occur to make an effort to assign the student a case manager who is also one of the student’s classroom teachers.

Q: How can I find out about sports and/or extracurricular activities?

A: For inquiries related to athletics, contact the Athletic Department at 708-335-5004. For inquiries related to clubs and extracurricular activities, contact the Activities Department at 708-335-5054.



General Inquiries: 708-335-5691

IEP Meetings: 708-335-5698

Educational Placement / Courses: 708-335-6997

Special Transportation:


Speech / Language Pathologists:


Social Workers / Counseling:


Occupational Therapy:


Physical Therapy:

  • Mary Murney: 708-481-6100, ext. 3541


Hearing Itinerant:

  • Bridget Reed: 708-481-6100, ext. 3534


Vision Itinerant:

  • Jenny Holt: 815-806-4631