Image of Dr. Wakeley

Dr. Scott Wakeley
708-335-5500, [email protected]
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Image of Dr. Alexander

Dr.  Clinton Alexander
708-335-5540, [email protected]
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Image of Dr. Cook

Dr. Lawrence Cook
Chief School Business Official
708-335-5505, [email protected]


Image of Dr. Hester

Dr. Jennifer Hester Schalk
Director of Curriculum, Instruction & Professional Development
708-335-5330, [email protected]

Photo of Craig Fantin

Craig Fantin
Associate Principal - South Building
708-335-5593, [email protected]


image of shannon swilley

 Shannon Swilley
Associate Principal - South Building
708-335-5647, [email protected]


Image of Dr. Dillard

Dr. Quitman Dillard
Assistant Principal - North
708-335-5604, [email protected]

image of mrs rudan

Jennifer Rudan
Director of Student Supports
708-335-5725, [email protected]

image of dr taylor

Dr. Angela Taylor
Director of Special Education
708-335-5690, [email protected]

image of mrs bryant

Jodi Bryant
Director of Human Resources
708-335-5550, [email protected]


Image of Mrs Erdey

Carla Erdey
Director of Communications & Community Engagement
708-335-5504, [email protected]

image of steve richardson

Steve Richardson
Director of Information Technology
708-335-5741, [email protected]

image of jim patterson

 Jim Patterson
Director of Operations
708-335-5521, [email protected]


image of mr lyke

Matthew Lyke
Director of Athletics
708-335-5003, [email protected]

Image of Mrs Cherry

Ann Cherry
Director of Alumni Relations & Development
708-335-5530, [email protected]