Attendance & Deans' Office

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The Deans' Office works to create an optimal learning environment by building relationships with students, staff and parents through supportive interventions. Deans are located in both the North and South Buildings.


Program Goals

  • Peace Room - To contact the Peace Room, please email [email protected]
  • To provide assistance and support in maintaining a positive school climate
  • To provide a safe and secure school/community environment
  • To enforce the student conduct code as described by the Parent-Student Handbook
  • To oversee all aspects of student attendance and serve as a liaison among teachers, parents and students
  • To provide supervision on campus during the school day and at selected after-school activities


Attendance Reminders

  • Missing a School Day — If your student will be missing a school day, parents/guardians are required to report the absence as “excused” by calling the H-F Attendance Line at 708-335-5602 or by dialing 708-799-3000 then pressing 2 when prompted or by sending in a signed note to the Deans’ Office. If you are connected to the attendance voicemail, please include the following information in your message: student’s name, student’s ID number, reason & length of absence (i.e. “all day” “Periods 1 & 2”), as well as your name, relationship to the student and your phone number. Absences must be excused within 48 hours via a voicemail or signed note or they will become “unexcused.”Please note: In PowerSchool, the absence may initially show as “UNV” or "UNX" (unexcused) until staff has retrieved the voicemail message and input the absence. This may take up to 24 hours.
  • Arriving Late — (Note: Students who are arriving late due to a school bus issue will be marked "excused." Please contact the Deans' Office with questions regarding school bus tardies.) Students arriving late to school (more than 5 minutes after the start of class or missing a full first period) need to sign into school in the Deans’ Office of either building. To be excused from the absence, parents/guardians must report the absence using the process above under “Missing a School Day.” If the absence was due to an appointment, please provide the appointment card, if available.
  • Leaving Early — If you must pick up your student early from school for an appointment, please report the early dismissal using the process above under “Missing a School Day” and include the time the student is leaving and which periods will be missed. The student must sign out of the Deans’ Office in either building before leaving campus. If your student does not know about the early dismissal and you need her called down to the office to leave, please contact either the South Deans’ Office at 708-335-5030 or North Deans’ Office at 708-335-5309 directly and a Deans’ Assistant will escort your student to the office for dismissal.

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