2019-2024 Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan: 2019-2024

Goals and action steps were developed as the first of five stages of the 5-year Strategic Planning Process that was initiated in fall 2018. This process began with the Board of Education, superintendent and principal selecting the six areas of focus:

  1. Future Ready
  2. Student Supports
  3. Professional Excellence
  4. Communications and Community Engagement
  5. Optimal Facilities
  6. Finance

The District then ensured that all stakeholder voices would be included in the data-gathering process, which would inform decisions related to future planning and programming by facilitating: (1) focus-group meetings (2) a community-wide survey (3) a Strategic Planning Committee of almost 100 individuals that created five ranked priorities for each area of focus; and (4) an administrative team that reviewed the ranked priorities for each area of focus to develop goals and action steps.


View the plan that is sunsetting in 2024.