School Counselors & Staff

Dr. Kizawanda Olowe
708-335-5650, [email protected]
Department Chair



Image of Linda McConnaughay
Linda McConnaughay
708-335-5612, [email protected]
Department Secretary


Image of Maria Davis

Maria Davis
708-335-5613, [email protected]
Department Secretary


Image of Tiphnee Staples
Tiphnee Staples
708-335-5619, [email protected]
School Counselor for Students A-Brown

  • B.S. in Social Work - Illinois State University

  • M.S. in Education - Illinois State University

  • Certificate in School Counseling - Lewis University


Image of Lindsay Leverson
Lindsay Leverson
708-335-5623, [email protected]
School Counselor for Students Browna-Dr

  • B.S. Chemistry - Florida A&M University

  • M.S. School Counseling - Northeastern University

  • M.A. Educational Leadership - DePaul University


Image of Dawn Edwards

Dawn Edwards, LPC, M.A.
708-335-5616, [email protected]
School Counselor for Students Has-Lam

  • B.S. in Broadcasting/Journalism - Chicago State University

  • M.S. in School Counseling - National Louis University

  • M.A. in Psychology - National Louis University


Image of Melissa Sauder
Melissa Sauder
708-335-5606, [email protected]
School Counselor for Students Lan-Moy

  • B.A. in Art Education - University of Iowa

  • M.A. in Curriculum & Instruction - Concordia University

  • M.A. in School Counseling - Concordia University


Image of Lorrie Maul
Lorrie Maul
708-335-5618, [email protected]
School Counselor for Students Moz-Rod

  • B.A. in Mathematics & Education - St. Xavier University

  • M.A. in Counseling - Governors State University

  • Certificate in College Counseling - UCLA


Image of Dr. Olson
Dr. Karen Olson
708-335-5620, [email protected]
School Counselor for Students Roe-Thom

  • B.S. in English - Loyola University, Chicago

  • M.Ed. in Secondary School Counseling - University of Missouri, St. Louis

  • B.J. in Photojournalism - University of Missouri, Columbia

  • Ed.D. in Administration & Supervision - Loyola University, Chicago


Image of Roberto Suarez
Roberto Suarez
708-335-5617, [email protected]
School Counselor for Students Thon-Z

  • B.S. in Political Science - Lewis University

  • M.B.A. in Business Administration - Lewis University

  • M.A. in School Counseling & Guidance - Lewis University


Image of Danielle Mitchell

Danielle Mitchell, LPC, M.A.
708-335-5622, [email protected]
Student Support Counselor

  • B.S. in History - Northern Illinois University

  • M.A. in School Leadership - Concordia University-Chicago

  • M.A. in School Counseling - Saint Xavier University


Image of Dana Palermo

Dana Palermo, LPC, M.A.
708-335-5045, [email protected]
504 Counselor

  • B.A. in Psychology - Lewis University

  • M.A. in Child & Adolescent Counseling - Lewis University

  • M.A. in School Counseling - Lewis University

  • M.A. in Educational Leadership - Governors State University