Graduation Requirements

Class of 2021 Graduation

Graduation Requirements for the Classes of 2024-2027

Total Credits — A minimum of 22 units of credit is required for graduation from Homewood-Flossmoor Community High School District 233. One-half unit of credit is earned upon completion of a subject that meets each day scheduled for one semester. The successful completion of a course that meets each day for an entire year is worth one unit of credit. Students are expected to take an average of 5.5 credits per year. At the end of four years, students will have earned the minimum of 22 units required for graduation. Of the 22 units of credit required for graduation, 18.5 credits must come from the areas listed below.

English — Four units of credit in English, specifically: one unit of English I, one unit of English II, one unit of English III, and one unit of English IV.

Mathematics — Students must be enrolled in math courses during the freshman, sophomore and junior school year. Students must earn credit in three math courses while enrolled as high school students. Those courses must include Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II/Trigonometry, or courses whose prerequisites include these courses.

Science — Three units of credit must be earned through successful completion of Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Social Science — This requirement includes one unit of World History, one unit of United States History, one unit of Economics, and .5 unit of U.S. Government & Politics. The State of Illinois’ consumer education requirement is fulfilled by successfully completing Economics. Additionally, the state’s Civics, U.S. and Illinois Constitution education requirement is fulfilled by successfully completing U.S. Government & Politics.

Physical Education, Health, Driver/Safety Education
Four units are required.

  • Physical Education: A student must be enrolled in Physical Education each semester that he or she is enrolled in school. Enrollment in Health and Driver/Safety Education is considered enrollment in Physical Education.
  • Health: The required Health course fulfills .5 units of the four-unit Physical Education requirement. The Health course must be taken during the freshman or sophomore year and includes all topics mandated by the School Code of Illinois.
  • Driver/Safety Education: The classroom phase of Driver Education is required of all students. Safety education is a part of the instruction. Driver Education fulfills .5 units of the four-unit Physical Education requirement. The State of Illinois requires that students have passed eight (8) courses (four units of credit) during the previous two semesters prior to taking Driver Education.

Performance Requirements
State law requires that one unit of course work be chosen from one of the following:

A. Career & Technical Education
B. Fine Arts
C. World Language
D. Performing Arts

On Track For Graduation
Students are on track for graduation if they meet the following requirements. These may not apply to students with an IEP (Individualized Education Program):

1. At the completion of freshman year: Algebra 1, Biology, English 1, Health/PE and at least 5.5 credits.

2. At the completion of sophomore year: All freshman requirements in addition to Chemistry, Geometry, English 2, Soph PE/Driver’s Ed., World History and at least 11 total credits.

3. At the completion of junior year: All freshman and sophomore requirements in addition to English 3, U.S. History, Algebra 2/Trig, Junior PE and at least 16.5 total credits. It is strongly recommended that a student have also completed Physics by this time.

4. At the completion of senior year: All freshman, sophomore and junior requirements in additions to English 4, Economics, Senior PE, U.S. Government & Politics, and at least 22 credits.

Any exceptions to these procedures must be approved by the superintendent or his designee.