Student Assistance

School Social Workers address students' social and emotional needs and work together with other support systems within the school to create the best possible academic environment for students.

Student Assistance Programs are designed to address alcohol, tobacco, other drugs and related issues in order to prevent and reduce students' difficulties regarding these issues. The Student Assistance Program is made possible through the team effort of school personnel in partnership with community providers and volunteers. A wholistic Student Assistance Program consists of education, prevention, intervention, aftercare and support.

Student Assistance Programs include:

  • Ambassadors
  • Peer Helpers
  • Operation Snowball
  • Friends of Rachel

H-F also provides a number of Social Work Groups designed to address the needs of H-F students:

  • Divorce Group (for students who are experiencing divorce in their families)
  • Alpha Beta Group (for students who identify as LGBTQQI)
  • Concerned Persons Group (for students touched by addiction in some way)
  • Grief & Loss Group (for students who have lost someone close to them)
  • Transfer Group (for students new to H-F)
  • Cancer Support Group (for students who have a loved one diagnosed with cancer)
  • Girls Emotional Control Group (for girls to learn coping mechanisms for emotional regulation)

Please contact Phillip Barker if you know of students who would benefit from these services.