Senior Class

Senior Class Student Government Officers

The senior class is responsible for planning the Homecoming dance, Viking Fest, Senior Talent Show and Project Graduation. The officers meet after school on Thursdays in A5.

For more information or to get involved, contact class sponsor Melissa Durkin - 708-799-3000, ext. 5167.


  • Enroll in 1st period courses.
  • Using Naviance, continue investigating various post secondary school options in the fall. Become familiar with college deadlines. Request applications, catalogs, and financial aid information.
  • Retake the ACT Test if necessary.
  • Take SAT Subject Tests if required.
  • See your counselor and college consultant.
  • Try to arrange college visits on teacher institute days or holidays.
  • Attend College Night in October. Talk with college representatives.
  • Narrow your choices of colleges and try to categorize them: 1) a “reach” school; 2) a school for which you are reasonably confident about meeting admission standards; and 3) a school for which you may exceed the admissions standards.
  • Pay close attention to application deadlines.
  • Send test scores directly from testing agencies to colleges to which you are applying.
  • Send mid-year grades if requested.
  • Complete the Federal Financial Aid Student Application (FAFSA) no later than February 15.
  • If you are accepted at more than one school, make the final decision on the college you will attend, and send your acceptance
    by May 1.
  •  Notify the other schools that you will be going elsewhere.

Request that your final transcript is sent to the college of your choice.


         August:           Register for September ACT test
           September:   Register for Viking Test Prep class and October ACT.
                  Sept – Oct:            Viking Test Prep class.
                  October:                ACT Test

Retest (mainly for scholarship consideration)
         October:         Register for Oct – Dec Viking Test Prep class and December ACT test
                  December:          ACT Test

** It is recommended that at least two ACT tests, the April and June tests of junior year, be taken for optimum performance.

** Every time you test, use the service of sending four free tests.  Colleges / Universities will use the highest score – some may even use subscores to aid the admission of your child.Images on this page: none