Naviance Family Connection is an online software program that allows parents and students to access college and career information efficiently. Students can perform detailed searches of colleges and universities, research scholarships, complete questionnaires useful for college and career planning, email their counselor, and gain access to Homewood-Flossmoor’s document library. Log in to your Naviance account and explore all of the resources offered to you!


Click here to access Naviance!

Naviance Log-In Information
Username: Student’s HF email address
Password: #HFhs12345 (student’s ID number)

Naviance for Freshmen

  • Explore the Naviance program
  • Finish the Learning Styles Inventory that you started with your guidance counselor!
  • From the Document Library, you can print a 4-Year Plan worksheet, and calculate your GPA using Compute Your GPA.

Naviance for Sophomores

  • Have fun completing the Do What You Are assessment, and take the Learning Styles Inventory to see how you learn best!
  • Find the link for Career Cruising to explore what career options would best suit you.


Naviance for Juniors

  • Juniors should complete the following before seeing their counselor about college planning:
  1. College Questionnaire (Use lots of detail!)
  2. My Game Plan
  3. My Resume
  4. College Search (Do at least one)


Naviance for Seniors

  • Regularly check My Inbox for messages.
  • Complete the College Planning Questionnaire! TIP: Your counselor will use the information you supply on your College Planning Questionnaire when writing your college letters of recommendation, so be as specific as possible.
    Complete My Resume & My Game Plan! TIP: Be sure to include three teachers and/or coaches who know you best at the bottom of the Game Plan page. Your counselor will ask them for quotes and anecdotes about you for use in the college recommendation letters they write for you.
  • Find colleges that fit your requirements by using Naviance's College Search search engine or use College Lookup to get information on a specific college. TIP: Don't forget to name and save your search before you exit, and be sure to click "add to list" or "pick" on college pages you like so that all your favorite schools are saved to My Colleges in the menu.
  • Use Career Cruising to gather information on careers.