Bus Information

Bus1Bus Regulations

Adequate bus transportation is available for the students. A primary concern in this regard is for the safety of the student. With this in mind, the following rules have been adopted.

  1. Students without a valid H-F I.D. card cannot ride the bus. Students shall present their I.D. card when they board the bus. Any I.D. mutilated or defaced so that information thereon is not clear must be replaced at the expense of the student.  I.D. cards are not transferable. A student must surrender his I.D. card upon request of a driver.
  2. Students must load/unload the bus at the stop designated for their area and show respect for private property in the area.
  3. Students are to be at the bus stop on time. If for some reason a bus does not come or if a student misses the bus, it is the responsibility of the student to get to school.
  4. At dismissal time, students are responsible for being on their bus at the designated departure time.
  5. Smoking, striking of matches or lighting cigarette lighters, scuffling, littering (in or out of the bus), using profane or abusive language, or bringing pets or objects which may prove hazardous are not permitted.
  6. Bus drivers are in complete charge of the buses, and students are expected to comply with their requests. Drivers are not permitted to remove students from the bus between destination points because of student misconduct.
  7. Any damages caused by students to buses must be paid for by the students involved. Transcripts and graduation may be contingent on receipt of payment.
  8. Students should not put their heads or arms out of bus windows or throw objects from bus windows. No windows shall be lowered below the safety mark indicated on the bus.
  9. All students must be seated and are not permitted to change seats while the bus is in motion or to annoy riders on the bus.
  10. Students are not to push or crowd when loading; they are to be courteous to fellow passengers, allowing front row students to disembark first.
  11. Students are to exit only by the front door. The rear door is for emergency use only.



ACTIVITY BUSES leave at 4 p.m. & 6 p.m.
Students may ride the 4 p.m. activity buses with authorization via a special pass from a teacher, sponsor or coach with whom the student has worked after school. Activity buses are also available at 6 p.m. for athletic/activity participants. Students must obtain a pass from the Athletic Office or the sponsor of their activity.