Online Payments



The online payment system is accessible through the PowerSchool Parent Portal for enrolled students. This system allows you to pay selected fees, make fee payments for all students in your family, view your payment history, print receipts, make partial payments, setup a payment plan and more.


School fees must be paid online. Note: You must have your PowerSchool Login to access the online payment system through the Parent Portal. Alternatively, you can sign up for Online Payments directly through the RYCOR payment site. Parents must have the Student ID of the account on which they'd like to make payments. Here are the steps for this method.


  1. Browse to the following site:
  2. Select "Create Account"
  3. Enter "First Name", "Last Name',"E-Mail", "Confirm E-Mail", "Password", "Confirm Password"
    *Password has to be minimum 6 characters
  4. Select "Add Students"
  5. Enter "Student ID", "Last Name" and select "Add Student" button
  6. Once done adding students, select "Done" to view Parent account

After completing the online payment process, print a receipt for your records.


In order to receive reduced the reduced registration fee ($295), you must complete the entire registration process by Aug. 10, 2022. A student is not enrolled in school until the entire process is complete. The regular fee for this school year is $350.


Graduated seniors who still need to pay fees will no longer have access to online payments through PowerSchool and must use the alternate method (above).


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  • Registration Fee: $350/student (or $295/student if registration is completed by Aug. 10, 2022)

  • Digital Learning Technology Fee: $50. In order to provide a standardized learning environment and quality support for our students and teachers, students will be required to use only district-issued devices. This fee covers a portion of the cost of these devices.

  • Graduation Fee (seniors only): $50. This fee covers the cost of your diploma, diploma cover, cap & gown and the Bon Voyage, Seniors fun night.

  • P.E. Lock (freshmen only): $5

  • P.E. Heart Rate Strap (sophomores only): $15

  • Music Class Fee: $50. Students enrolled in a music class must pay this one-time yearly fee that covers major expenditures for the upkeep of the music program.



  • Gym Suits: $5 for shirts and $10 for shorts. All gym students must wear the assigned uniform to participate in class. Families must purchase one set of gym uniforms during their tenure at H-F and may opt to purchase additional pieces if desired.

  • EDDA: $5. Students may purchase EDDA, the school's literary magazine, at the time of registration. EDDA is also sold in the spring of each year and is comprised of student-submitted short stories, poems and artwork.

  • Bus Transportation: $300. Per the Illinois School Code, bus transportation is free for students who live more than 1.5 miles from school. Students who live less than 1.5 miles from school may choose to purchase bus transportation.

  • Donation to the H-F High School Foundation: The H-F Foundation is a non-profit organization with fundraising activities that provide additional resources for H-F. All money raised by the Foundation goes directly back to H-F.

  • Donation to H-F Parents Association Scholarship Fund: The HFPA is a parent-run non-profit organization with the sole purpose to provide support for the high school and to raise funds for the HFPA Scholarship Fund.

  • Parent's subscription to The Voyager: $22. Families may choose to have the student newspaper, The Voyager, mailed directly to their home. The newspaper is printed approximately every two weeks during the school year.

  • Odin Yearbook: $50. You can order and pay for your 2021-22 yearbook during registration or you can purchase it online directly through Jostens at this website - click here.