North Building Renovation Project

To make a great school district, it takes equal parts dedicated staff, challenging curriculum and focused students. There is one more ingredient, however, that oftentimes is overlooked: high-quality facilities. Homewood-Flossmoor Community School District 233 has been fortunate to have most of these ingredients; its greatest challenge now is its aging facilities. In order to keep our 53-year-old district and students competing well into this century, a strategic facilities plan was put into place nearly a decade ago. The plan has included a number of key renovations, including the Mall Auditorium. science labs, greenhouse, boiler project, TV/radio station and district offices.

The district has been preparing for the past several years to implement the next phase of its strategic facilities plan, focused on the campus' North Building, which opened in 1973. The renovation began in February 2013 and was completed in late spring 2014. The project included refurbishing many areas of the North Building, including the student cafeteria and gymnasium. In addition, the building's main entrance was transformed into a two-story atrium that will enhance accessibility throughout the facility. The fieldhouse was expanded to allow for additional and more convenient programming for our students for the next 50 years; the increased facility size and amenities will also allow for more usage opportunities for the greater H-F community. The renovation was approached with the high standards of excellence the Homewood-Flossmoor community demands and deserves.

The renovation was designed to allow the fieldhouse to host multiple events simultaneously. This means that teams and groups will be able to compete in their sport or activity rather than with each other for facility space. Students will be able to attend practices and meetings immediately after school — not late into the evening or early in the morning — leaving additional time for academic preparation. Overlooking the 200-meter track and four full-sized courts is a new 9,000-sq. ft. fitness facility, featuring state-of-the-art cardio and training equipment. A new 40-yard indoor turf has expanded the playing and practice season for a variety of field sports and activities, including football, soccer, field hockey, baseball and marching band.

The facility renovation features several environmentally friendly components. The design is LEED registered with a certification goal of "gold." This high standard has been accomplished by incorporating a mix of energy-saving features, such as high-efficiency lighting, daylight harvesting, carefully designed mechanical systems and occupancy sensors. The facility provides a high indoor air quality rating and will exhibit improved interior acoustics, all contributing to a healthy and enhanced learning environment for students, teachers and staff. Controls provided allow for individual adjustment of thermal comfort and lighting in regularly occupied spaces. The combination of skylights, perimeter windows, light sensors and energy-efficient light fixtures will allow the facility to be lit naturally during the day and gradually transition to the light fixtures as the day darkens. 

Project Benefits:

  • New North Building Entrance that provides central access point to all areas of the building
  • Improvements for North Building cafeteria
  • New elevator to provide increased building accessibility
  • Safety enhancement for competition & practice events
  • Addresses water-penetration issues in current facility
  • Physical education — increased facilities for curricular offerings
  • Increased and enhanced student-traffic flow
  • Facility layout will address traffic flow and parking lot safety concerns
  • Students can attend practices & meetings immediately after school, allowing more time for academic preparation
  • Increased in quality of practices as a result of regulation facilities
  • Community organization usage — feeder programs, park district availability
  • 40-yard Multi-use Turf Field for all field sports
  • 200-meter track
  • Four basketball/volleyball/tennis courts / 16 badminton courts
  • Curtain separation system for track and courts
  • Classroom/meeting rooms
  • Public restrooms
  • Team locker room facilities
  • Training Room location
  • Retractable spectator bleachers for events

Photo Gallery 2014 - North Building Renovation Open House

  • CoverOpenHouse12
    U.S. Congresswoman Robin Kelly
  • CoverOpenHouse11
    Viking Marching Band
  • CoverOpenHouse10
    Viking Marching Band
  • CoverOpenHouse9
    Board Members Dr. Farrell & Mrs. McInerney-Lubeck
  • CoverOpenHouse8
    Superintendent Dr. Von Mansfield
  • CoverOpenHouse7
    Flossmoor Mayor Paul Braun
  • CoverOpenHouse6
    Principal Dr. Ryan Pitcock
  • CoverOpenHouse5
    Fine Arts Teacher Greg Petecki
  • CoverOpenHouse4
    Sariah Keys, Art student
  • CoverOpenHouse2
    Board of Education President Richard T. Lites
  • OpenHouse4
    U.S. Congresswoman Robin Kelly
  • OpenHouse2
    Ribbon Cutting
  • OpenHouse1
    Viking Trophy Case
  • ArtInstallation2014
    Art Installation 2014
  • CoverOpen3
    North Building Entrance
  • CoverOpen2
    North Building Strength & Conditioning Room
  • CoverOpen1
    North Building Fieldhouse
  • CoverNoBld
    North Building Entrance
  • OpenHouse6
    North Building Entrance
  • OpenHouse5
    North Building Atrium
  • OpenHouse8
    Ribbon Cutting
  • OpenHouse7
    Orchestra Students
  • OpenHOuse14
  • OpenHouse13
  • HWFM_0010
    Board Member Gerald Pauling
  • HWFM_0002
    Viking Spirit on Display
  • HWFM_0113
    Volleyball Players in North Gym
  • HWFM_0102
    Volleyball Players in Fieldhouse
  • HWFM_0101
    New Indoor Turf Field
  • HWFM_0100
    Badminton Players in Fieldhouse
  • HWFM_0085
    Celebration Cake
  • HWFM_0070
    Orchestra Students
  • HWFM_0066
    Open House Dedication
  • HWFM_0065
    Principal Dr. Ryan Pitcock & teacher Tammy Green
  • HWFM_0062
    Orchestra Violinist
  • HWFM_0060
    Visitors tour the new facility
  • HWFM_0050
    3D Studio Art Students at Installation
  • HWFM_0033
    U.S. Congresswoman Robin Kelly
  • HWFM_0032
    Congresswoman & Superintendent
  • HWFM_0023
    Viking Spirit on Display