Viking Compass

Viking Compass Advisory Period
Photo of Viking Compass ArtThis school year at H-F every student will be given an advisory period — Viking Compass — as part of their schedule on Viking Days (regularly Mondays and Fridays). This non-credit class will provide a small classroom environment with students all at the same grade level.

Viking Compass aims to enhance the personal and academic progress of each student, while also fostering a sense of community within the school. Viking Compass sets aside time to intentionally build developmental relationships within the school to help students thrive in an expanding global society. Students will experience a social-emotional (SEL) curriculum to enhance their competency in the following areas:

• Self-Awareness
• Social Awareness
• Self-Management
• Relationship Skills
• Responsible Decision Making

Viking Compass' supportive environment provides a deliberate balance to the rigorous academic demands of the H-F experience, while also guiding students towards personal goals and achievement.

Questions about the new Viking Compass program? Contact MTSS Coordinator Jen Rudan at 708-335-5725, [email protected]