Accommodated Testing - Final Exams

Final exams are culminating evaluations used by teachers to measure the progress of students over the entire semester. Student's final grades are calculated based on a formula that includes

  1. 1st/3rd quarter grad
  2. 2nd/ 4th quarter grade
  3. Final Exam grade

In keeping with School Board Policy, students must pass a combination of two of the three components. Accommodations for final exams are not given automatically; students are encouraged to sign up to take exams with IEP/504 accommodations following the procedures outlined below:

Final Exams Accommodations Procedures

  • Due to the large number of final exams administered each semester, student must sign up to take exams in the resource room in advance.
  • Student who do not sign up will take exams in class without accommodations
  • A letter will be mailed home requesting students to sign up prior to the exams
  • After students sign up teachers will be notified to send exams to the resource room.
  • On final exam days, student should report directly to the resource room at the beginning of each class that accommodations are requested.
  • Room Assignments will be posted outside the resource room by STUDENT ID Number.
  • All IEP and 504 Accommodations will be given. Students that need additional time will come back before or after school to finish test and transportation home will be provided.
  • Once a student sign up for an exam, it is expected that the student follows through with the request.
  • All final exams not completed by 3:00 p.m. on the last day of exams will be sent back to the teacher incomplete.

Please contact Rachel Giddens if you have any questions at [email protected]