NHS Member Information

 H-F NHS Service Guidelines

Students must complete a total of 25 hours. Of these 25, at least 10 must be completed in direct service to Homewood-Flossmoor High School. 

                         10 In-school 
+          15 Additional hours, In-School or Outside hours
       25 Total Hours

Students may use In-School or Outside hours for the remaining 15 hours.  

For service to be used to satisfy the annual requirement, it must be approved by the sponsor.  Service is approved if:

  • The sponsor has emailed the NHS members to make the service opportunity public.
  • The organization the student is working for is on the “Approved Service List” (see below).
  • If neither of the above two requisites has been met, the student must bring a service log to the sponsor and obtain a signature granting permission. Student must get a signature ahead of time in order to apply service toward their requirement. Email from the sponsor granting you permission is sufficient should an opportunity arise last-minute or when school is not in session. In such cases, permission must be granted prior to the service project and the member should print the sponsor’s email approving the service to their log when they submit it.

In general, these are the guidelines that the sponsor will use in determining whether or not service is acceptable:

  • The student is not paid and does not receive any other tangible benefit.
  • The student is not completing the service to meet a different organization’s requirement (Key Club, for example).
  • The student is not a member of the organization they are completing service for (applies to H-F activities) and working as part of their membership. For example, members of the Model UN Club could not get NHS service for working at a Model UN fundraiser, etc.
  • The service is being done for a formally organized entity (PADS, religious organizations). Tutoring a friend or helping somebody move does not count.

Approved Service List

  • American Cancer Society
  • Cancer Support Center
  • Humane Society
  • PADS
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Peer Tutoring at HF
  • Special Olympics
  • Matanya's Hope
  • Flossmoor Library
  • The Sanctuary (in Matteson, IL)
  • My Joyful Heart 


REGARDING COMMUNICATION - Get your information directly from Mr. Kush. Refer to printed instructions, emails or call/stop by and ask. Do not rely on what other students tell you. Even when well meaning, they might be misinformed.
Handle things yourself. Don’t send other students or your parents to manage your membership or submit items for you. If you feel like a situation has gotten to the point where you need a parent involved, that is completely understandable. In that case, email me, and I will be glad to set up a meeting between the three or four of us. The point here is that you should be taking responsibility for your membership, and nobody should being doing anything for you. 
Follow instructions carefully. On emails and letters, note what the instructions state and do exactly that. If you don’t read carefully and follow instructions, you may end up missing out on opportunities or even lose your membership.
If you aren’t getting regular emails, email Mr. Kush at dkush@hf233.org from the address you need added to the list. Check your email often and read each message completely.  Important things can be found anywhere in the emails, which sometimes pertain to multiple topics. 
Whatever the issue (meetings, service, etc.) you should address it ahead of time whenever possible. This shows commitment and responsibility. When you choose to communicate after-the-fact, it may look irresponsible or like an excuse.
REGARDING SERVICE - Take initiative. You are free and encouraged to start your own projects. Let us know how we can help!
ALWAYS get permission for any service opportunity that Mr. Kush hasn’t emailed. Do this BEFORE you do the service. No permission = no hours credit.
Always get a service log signed, even if the people in charge tell you they are sending a list to me. 
Do not send service logs with other students, nor should you deliver them for other students.  It puts you both in a risky situation.
Turn in hours at each meeting, and keep copies of your logs.
REGARDING DEADLINES - Take responsibility for this and other commitments. Plan ahead and plan early. 
Do not wait until the last minute to complete service, etc.
All of our members have a tough academic schedule, activities schedule, family schedule, etc. These will not be considered valid reasons failing to meet any of the membership requirements. Emergencies happen, and I will work with you on those, but realistically, they are very rare. You need to be able to show that it was the emergency that caused you to be off track.  The safe bet: complete hours and attend meetings consistently. That way, if something unfortunate does happen, your track record will speak for itself.


  • CLASS OF 2012 Check your service hours here

  • CLASS OF 2013 Check your service hours here

  • Download a service log here (Service Log.pdf)

  • National Honor Society www.nhs.us/