Fashion, Modeling & Cosmotology

This club gives students who are aspiring fashion icons, models and cosmetologists hands-on experience with their craft. The program allows students to practice as well as showcase their talents. Students will learn valuable industry skills from people already in the field. Students will be creative in all aspects of fashion, including designing, clothing reconstruction, wardrobe styling and merchandising. Models will go through photoshoots and learn the importance of posture and lighting. Aspiring models will be able to improve upon their runway walk in addition to learning to build a portfolio. Students will learn about cosmetology and hair and makeup techniques. This includes hair straightening, curling, molding, pinning, makeup foundation application, contouring, eyebrow filling and eyelash stripping.

How do I get involved?

Contact club sponsors:  Courtney Alexander, Alyssa Marassa or Courtney Pesha