Athletic Training Aides

The purpose of the Athletic Training Aides club is to give real world experience to those interested in pursuing a career in healthcare. H-F students participating in this club are given the opportunity to participate in the healthcare of H-F’s student athletes under the supervision of certified and licensed Athletic Trainers. Athletic training aides get the unique experience of being able to be present on the sidelines of all H-F home athletic events while being taught the concepts of injury management, assessment, and rehabilitation. ATAs must meet requirements in observing and working in the training room set by the certified Athletic Trainers. Applicants are encouraged to participate in the summer camp and the sports medicine class offered at the honors level.

How do I get involved?

Contact club sponsors: Brad Kleine, 708-799-3000, ext. 5688 & Catherine Brown, 708-799-3000, ext. 2333