Ambassadors Program


The H-F Ambassadors Program is designed to help transfer students successfully begin their academic career at the high school. Key components are: enrolling on time, learning the campus, meeting new friends, completing homework and connecting to after-school activities. H-F Ambassadors help our new students find their way and feel welcome.

How do I get involved?

Contact club sponsor: Tiphnee Staples, 708-335-5619



H-F Student Ambassadors are a group of students who are recommended by H-F staff member to serve as an ambassador for the school. Ambassadors are nominated in the second semester of their freshman year (the program is designed for sophomores, juniors, and seniors). Ambassadors serve as role models within and outside the school environment. The role of an ambassador is to serve as a liaison between the Homewood Flossmoor community and new students to the district.


H-F Student Ambassadors main role is to assist new transfer students in becoming acclimated to Homewood Flossmoor High School. Ambassadors provide new transfer students with information regarding academic resources, school policies and procedures, extra-curricular activities and athletics, and provide tours of the school.


A part of the responsibility of a student ambassador is to participate in a summer orientation program for New Transfer Students. In early August, the Student Ambassadors will conduct an orientation in which they will discuss pertinent information for H-F students within large and small group workshops. Ambassadors will then each be assigned a new student in which they will take a copy of their school schedule and show them where each of their classes are located within each building. A general tour of H-F facilities and departments will also be provided. The orientation ends with a social where pizza is provided for both new students and ambassadors.


Throughout the school year, Student Ambassadors are assigned to New Transfer Students who enroll during the school year. Ambassadors walk the new student to each of their classes for 1-2 school days to assist them in their acclimation to H-F.


  • Serve as role models within and outside of H-F school
  • Show attentiveness, concern, and assistance to new transfer students
  • Improves leadership skills through communication and public speaking
  • Develops leadership that can be used in college and future career
  • Ability to work with H-F faculty and staff