Period: 6

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Assignment Name Date Assigned Due Date


Civil War map 11/25/2014 Civil War map
Antebellum Exam 11/21/2014 Antebellum Exam
Dred Scott 11/19/2014 Dred Scott
Declaration of 11/19/2014 Declaration of Sentiments
Rough draft 11/17/2014 Rough draft
Debate over sla 11/17/2014 Debate over slavery
Douglass video 11/13/2014 Douglass video
Douglass - Sumne 11/12/2014 Douglass - Sumner
Map 11/12/2014 Map
Mex/Am War 11/12/2014 Mex/Am War
Jackson DBQ ess 11/10/2014 Jackson DBQ essay
Trail of Tears 11/4/2014 Trail of Tears
The Jackson Yea 11/3/2014 The Jackson Years
New Republic ex 10/29/2014 New Republic exam
Viewpoints of 1 10/27/2014 Viewpoints of 1812
Note cards 10/24/2014 Note cards
McCullough v Ma 10/22/2014 McCullough v Maryland
Extra credit 10/22/2014 Extra credit
Alien and Sedit 10/21/2014 Alien and Sedition Acts
Anti Party Part 10/16/2014 Anti Party Party Builers
Who ended Whisk 10/14/2014 Who ended Whiskey Rebellion
The National Ba 10/9/2014 The National Bank
The Whiskey reb 10/9/2014 The Whiskey rebellion
Thesis Statemen 10/7/2014 Thesis Statement
Constitutions e 10/7/2014 Constitutions exam
Constitution pr 10/3/2014 Constitution practice test
Pres election 1 9/25/2014 Pres election 1888
Federalism and 9/24/2014 Federalism and Bank
Constitution re 9/24/2014 Constitution review
Constitutional 9/18/2014 Constitutional Convention
Amer Revolution 9/17/2014 Amer Revolution exam
bibliography ca 9/11/2014 bibliography cards
Building an Arm 9/9/2014 Building an Army
Ch 3 9/5/2014 Ch 3
Stamp Act 9/3/2014 Stamp Act
Colonial exam 8/28/2014 Colonial exam
extra credit 8/27/2014 extra credit
Slavery essay 8/27/2014 Slavery essay
Presentation to 8/26/2014 Presentation topic
Research paper 8/26/2014 Research paper topic
John Winthrop 8/21/2014 John Winthrop
Mercantilism 8/20/2014 Mercantilism
Kolchin essay 8/19/2014 Kolchin essay
colonial map 8/15/2014 colonial map