Assignment Name Date Assigned Due Date


Main Idea Test 11/17/2014 Main Idea Test
Reading log due 11/17/2014 Reading log due on 11/17
Marriage or Els 11/17/2014 Marriage or Else organizer and core idea worksheet
Reading log due 11/10/2014 Reading log due on 11.10
Chap. 4 Test 11/7/2014 Chap. 4 Test
Non-Narrtaiev s 11/6/2014 Non-Narrative summarizing-Michael Brown
ACT practice 11/4/2014 ACT practice notes & organizer The Medusa & S
Reading log due 11/3/2014 Reading log due on 11/3
Non-narratieb s 11/3/2014 Non-narrative summarizing-Pyramids and Colomb
Non-narratiev s 10/29/2014 Non-narrative summarizing-Ebola
Non-Narrtaiev S 10/28/2014 Non-Narrative Summarizing practice-Mites
Chapter 4 workb 10/24/2014 Chapter 4 workbook and content frame
Cheesy Idea Mai 10/23/2014 Cheesy Idea Main Idea Practice
Word Wall-ch. 4 10/22/2014 Word Wall-ch. 4
Interesting vs. 10/21/2014 Interesting vs. Informational practice
Voc. Test chap. 10/20/2014 Voc. Test chap. 3
Naratiev Sumamr 10/17/2014 Narrative Summarizing test
Reading logs du 10/14/2014 Reading logs due on 10/14
Sumamrizing-Son 10/14/2014 Summarizing-Song activity
Writing Practic 10/10/2014 Writing Practice-Public Shaming
ACT Practcie-Th 10/7/2014 ACT Practice-The Great Pyramid at Giza
Sumamrizing Pra 10/7/2014 Summarizing Practice-Obsolete Man
Reading log due 10/6/2014 Reading log due on 10.6.2014
Reading log_1 10/6/2014 Reading log 10.6
Vocabualry Chap 10/3/2014 Vocabulary Chapter 3 workbook and content frame
Main Idea-Ten S 10/2/2014 Main Idea-Ten Steps
Intyeractive Re 10/2/2014 Interactive Reader-The Rocking Horse Winner
The Lamp at Noo 10/1/2014 The Lamp at Noon Summarizing organizer
9.29 rl 9/29/2014 Reading log due on 9.29
Voc. chap 2 Tes 9/26/2014 Voc. chap 2 Test
Context Clues P 9/25/2014 Context Clues Practice Part 2
Model Millionai 9/23/2014 Model Millionaire -Summarizing Practice
Vocabulary in C 9/23/2014 Vocabulary in Context Test
R.L. 9.22 9/22/2014 Reading log due on 9.22
Voc. Word Wall 9/18/2014 Voc. Word Wall
Everowwd Sumamr 9/15/2014 Everwood Summary
Reading log due 9/15/2014 Reading log due on 9.12
Vocabulary Work 9/12/2014 Vocabulary Workbook and content frame
Predicting Test 9/11/2014 Predicting Test-non Narrative and Non-Narrative
Glass Castle co 9/9/2014 Glass Castle comprehension check
Vocabulary chap 9/8/2014 Vocabulary chap. 1 test
Reading logs du 9/8/2014 Reading logs due on 9/8
Predicting Prac 9/5/2014 Predicting Practice-Insult or Honor
Reading log due 9/2/2014 Reading log due on
Middle East Mes 9/2/2014 Middle East Mess Core Ideas and Cause/Effect chart
Predicting Prac 8/28/2014 Predicting Practice-Middle East Mess
Context Clues p 8/28/2014 Context Clues packet
Main Idea Pract 8/26/2014 Main Idea Practice #2
Reading log-1 8/25/2014 Reading log-1
Predicting prac 8/25/2014 Predicting practice-Mirror Image
Vocabulary chap 8/22/2014 Vocabulary chapter 1 workbook and content frame
Past - Present - 8/19/2014 Past - Present - and Future project
Initial Predict 8/19/2014 Initial Predicting Practice-Big Fish