Teacher: Joan Valery

Period: 2

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Assignment Name Date Assigned Due Date


BW 11/7-11/18 11/18/2014 BW 11/7-11/18
WOW:Feederwatch 11/17/2014 WOW: Feederwatch
Robin Hood chpt 11/17/2014 Robin Hood chpt 4
Robin Hood chpt 11/4/2014 Robin Hood chpt 3
News to You: Ma 10/29/2014 News to You: Master Chief Junior
BW 10/20-10/28 10/28/2014 BW 10/20-10/28
Robin Hood intr 10/24/2014 Robin Hood intro-chpt 2
WOW: World Seri 10/24/2014 WOW: World Series
WOW: decifier 10/24/2014 WOW: decipher
News to You: Wo 10/24/2014 News to You: World Series
News to You: Al 10/22/2014 News to You: Alexander Listening
News to You: Al 10/22/2014 News to You: Alexander
WOW:vibrant 10/21/2014 WOW:vibrant
WOW: culminate 10/20/2014 WOW: culminate
News to You: Na 10/20/2014 News to You: Native American
BW: 9/15-10-17 10/17/2014 BW: 9/15-10-17
News to You: NA 10/16/2014 News to You: NA Quiz
IEP Powerpoint 10/6/2014 IEP Powerpoint
News to You: Fi 10/2/2014 News to You: Fifty Harmony
HH Month supple 9/30/2014 HH Month supplement
Brain and Body# 9/30/2014 Brain and Body#3 examples & pics_1
Brain and Body 9/26/2014 Brain and Body #2 Quiz
WOW - Feasible 9/25/2014 WOW - Feasible
News to You: HH 9/25/2014 News to You: HH Month
HH Month Quiz 9/25/2014 HH Month Quiz
Brain and Body# 9/22/2014 Brain and Body#2 examples & pics
News to You: Ho 9/17/2014 News to You: Honeybees
Read & Do Bee L 9/17/2014 Read & Do Bee Listening
Brain and Body 9/12/2014 Brain and Body #1 Quiz
National Anthem 9/12/2014 National Anthem: corrections
WOW: Summarizin 9/11/2014 WOW: Summarizing
Brain and Body 9/5/2014 Brain and Body Vocab #1 pics & examples
WOW: saunter 9/5/2014 WOW: saunter
News to You: St 9/4/2014 News to You: Star Spangles Banner
America's Song 9/4/2014 America's Song Quiz
Roller Coaster 8/29/2014 Roller Coaster Corrections
News to You: Ro 8/29/2014 News to You: Roller Coasters
WOW: inevitable 8/28/2014 WOW: inevitable
BW: 8/18-8/28 8/28/2014 BW: 8/18-8/28
Biopoems 8/25/2014 Biopoems
WOW: predicting 8/21/2014 WOW: predicting
Book Preview: R 8/21/2014 Book Preview: Robin Hood
Student Planner 8/15/2014 Student Planner Hunt
Pretest 8/14/2014 Pretest