Assignment Name Date Assigned Due Date


Q2 Extra Credit 12/19/2014 Q2 Extra Credit Parent Conf Attendance
Ch10 Tissue Res 12/12/2014 Q2 Ch 10 Tissue Response/Repair Unit Exam
Q2 Extra Credit 12/12/2014 Q2 Extra Credit Option Parent Conf
Ch10 Repair w/s 12/11/2014 Ch10 Repair w/sheet
Skeletal Struct 12/2/2014 Skeletal Structure/Injury Unit Exam_1
Fracture Lab pp 12/2/2014 Fracture Lab ppt research project
Skeletal Packet 12/1/2014 Skeletal Packet: Literacy Questions
Text Rev. Q's p 12/1/2014 Text Rev. Q's p257 Bony q's 11-13 - 21-23
Ch9 Soft Tissue 11/20/2014 Ch9 Soft Tissue Unit Test
Ch9 Soft Tissue 11/18/2014 Ch9 Soft Tissue w/sheet
Ch9 Vocab revie 11/17/2014 Ch9 Vocab review w/sheet
Childhood Injur 11/14/2014 Childhood Injury Article Response
Injury terms De 11/14/2014 Injury terms Defined/Images Ch 9
Androgen PDF su 11/10/2014 Androgen/PPT Nutrition packet summary notes
Nutrition - Enha 11/10/2014 Nutrition - Enhancement - & Recovery Q2 Unit Ex
Bigger - Stronge 11/6/2014 Bigger - Stronger - Faster PED video literacy
Emergency Care/ 10/29/2014 Emergency Care/Primary Assessment Unit Exam
Red Cross CPR/A 10/28/2014 Red Cross CPR/AED
Red Cross CPR/A 10/27/2014 Primary Assessment Skill Check-offs
Emergency Care 10/20/2014 Emergency Care Literacy Q notes
Q1 Extra Credit 10/17/2014 Q1 Extra Credit Option-Back to School Night
Ch 25 Head -Back 10/17/2014 Ch 25 Head -Back - Spine Unit Exam
Ch 26 Head -Neck 10/14/2014 Ch 26 Head -Neck -Eyes -Nose Q's p819 1-3 - 6-9
Ch 25 Spine Ope 10/14/2014 Ch 25 Spine Open Note Review Test
Cervical Spine 10/10/2014 Cervical Spine and Head X Word asgnt
Skeletal Struct 10/9/2014 Skeletal Structure/Injury Unit Exam
NUHS Field Trip 10/7/2014 NUHS Field Trip Reflection
MTBI Summary ar 10/6/2014 Cranial Nerve Identification Quiz Q1
TBI Summary Act 10/2/2014 TBI Summary Activity p376
Head/Spine/Conc 9/30/2014 Head/Spine/Concussion Tech Notes
Environmental C 9/26/2014 Environmental Considerations Ch6 Test
Ch6 Environment 9/23/2014 Ch6 Environmental w/sheet
Ch6 p168 rev q' 9/22/2014 Ch6 p174 rev q's 1-14 Environment
Heat Illness Re 9/19/2014 Heat Illness Review Chart
Joint Basics Qu 9/17/2014 Joint Basics Quiz
Biomechanics Im 9/15/2014 Biomechanics Image Analysis
Axial Skeleton 9/12/2014 Axial Skeleton Identification Quiz
Appendicular Sk 9/9/2014 Appendicular Skeleton quiz
Facility Lab 9/8/2014 Facility Lab Write-Up
Axial Skeleton 9/8/2014 Appendicular & Axial Skeleton tech lab notes
Goniometer Lab 9/4/2014 Goniometer Lab Write-Up
Motions/Planes 8/29/2014 Motions/Planes Term Quiz
Terminology pac 8/29/2014 Anatomical planes/motions Terminology notes
Tech Research 1 8/25/2014 Tech Research 1-Career Options Essay
Tech Research W 8/25/2014 Tech Research Websites Asgnt 1
Ch3 Legal Conce 8/21/2014 Ch3 Legal Concepts w/s