Assignment Name Date Assigned Due Date


Poetry Test 11/21/2014 Poetry Test
Compound Senten 11/20/2014 Compound Sentence Exercise
Writing Indepen 11/19/2014 Writing Independent and Dependent Clauses
Independent and 11/18/2014 Independent and Subordinating Clauses B
Small Group Com 11/12/2014 Small Group Communication Test
Small Group Uni 11/10/2014 Small Group Unit Personal Reflection
Shake It Off 11/10/2014 Shake It Off Assignment
Group Product S 11/6/2014 Group Product Speech
Product Speech 11/6/2014 Product Speech Extra Credit
11-5-14 Group M 11/5/2014 11-5-14 Group Meeting Notes
11-4-14 Meeting 11/4/2014 11-4-14 Meeting Notes
11-3-14 Meeting 11/3/2014 11-3-14 Meeting Notes
10-30-14 Meetin 10/30/2014 10-30-14 Meeting Notes
10-29-14 Group 10/29/2014 10-29-14 Group Meeting Notes
10-28-14 Meetin 10/28/2014 10-28-14 Meeting Notes
Group Role Assi 10/27/2014 Group Role Assignment
Conflict Reflec 10/27/2014 Conflict Reflection
Group Conflict 10/24/2014 Group Conflict Assignment
Reflective Thin 10/24/2014 Reflective Thinking Model Assignment
NASA Reflection 10/23/2014 NASA Reflection
Self-Assessment 10/22/2014 Self-Assessment Reflection
NASA Group Acti 10/22/2014 NASA Group Activity
10-20-14 Partic 10/21/2014 10-21-14 Participation
Getting to Know 10/21/2014 Getting to Know You Assignment
Group Unit Cont 10/21/2014 Group Unit Contract
Group Identity 10/21/2014 Group Identity Reflection
Group Identity 10/20/2014 Group Identity Activity
Quarter 1 Gramm 10/17/2014 Quarter 1 Grammar Exam
Quarter 1 Exam 10/17/2014 Quarter 1 Exam Essay
Extra Credit Pu 10/15/2014 Extra Credit Public Debate
Greek Drama Ess 10/14/2014 Greek Drama Essay
Antigone Annota 10/10/2014 Antigone Annotations
Antigone Allusi 10/9/2014 Antigone Allusion Assignment
Complete and Si 10/9/2014 Complete and Simple Subj/Pred worksheet
Compound Subjec 10/9/2014 Compound Subjects and Verbs
Parts of Speech 10/7/2014 Parts of Speech Test
Antigone myth a 10/3/2014 Antigone myth annotations
Oedipus Conflic 10/2/2014 Oedipus Conflict Assignment
Oedipus Tragic 10/2/2014 Oedipus Tragic Hero Assignment
Night Annotat 9/25/2014 Night Annotation Assignment
Demo Speech Li 9/19/2014 Demo Speech Listening Assignment
Extra Credit Ti 9/15/2014 Extra Credit Tissue
Demonstration S 9/15/2014 Demonstration Speech
Listening Assig 9/12/2014 Listening Assignment
Delivery Poster 9/9/2014 Delivery Poster Presentations
Demo Process Li 9/5/2014 Demonstration Topic Card
Demonstration P 9/5/2014 Demonstration Process List
Container Speec 8/25/2014 Container Speech
Cafeteria Outli 8/21/2014 Cafeteria Outline
Attention Gette 8/19/2014 Attention Getter Assignment
Speech Anxiety 8/18/2014 Speech Anxiety Self Assessment
Communication M 8/15/2014 Communication Model Assignment
Grammar Pre-Ass 8/15/2014 Grammar Pre-Assessment