Period: 2

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Assignment Name Date Assigned Due Date


Julius Caesar C 11/26/2014 Julius Caesar Creative Project
Reflection on A 11/17/2014 Reflection on Antigone Paper
Prep for Julius 11/14/2014 Prep for Julius Caesar In-Class Esasy
Julius Caesar I 11/14/2014 Julius Caesar In-Class Essay
Google+ Casear 11/13/2014 Google+ Casear Rhetoric Post
Caesar Discussi 11/10/2014 Caesar Discussion Question
Google+ about A 11/4/2014 Google+ about Assassinated Leader
Poetry In-Class 10/29/2014 Poetry In-Class Essay
Prep for Poetry 10/29/2014 Prep for Poetry In-Class Essay
Poetry Packet A 10/28/2014 Poetry Packet Annotations
Song Lyric Goog 10/24/2014 Song Lyric Google Plus
Happy Analysi 10/24/2014 Happy Analysis Paragraph
Midterm Grammar 10/21/2014 Midterm Grammar Test
Midterm Writing 10/21/2014 Midterm Writing Exam
1st Quarter Jou 10/20/2014 1st Quarter Journal
Antigone Histor 10/20/2014 Antigone Historical Figure Comparsion Paper
1st Quarter Gra 10/17/2014 1st Quarter Grammar Workbook
Draft Paragraph 10/16/2014 Draft Paragraph for Paper
Google+ Post fo 10/16/2014 Google+ Post for Antigone Paper Topic
Outline for Pap 10/16/2014 Outline for Paper
Tissue Extra Cr 10/6/2014 Tissue Extra Credit
Prewriting for 10/3/2014 Prewriting for Oedipus In-Class Essay
Oedipus In-Clas 10/3/2014 Oedipus In-Class Essay
Oedipus Google+ 10/2/2014 Oedipus Google+ Discussion Q/A
Parts of Speech 9/29/2014 Parts of Speech Quiz/Test
Essay about Dem 9/26/2014 Essay about Demonstration Speech
Demonstration S 9/18/2014 Demonstration Speech
Demonstration S 9/8/2014 Demonstration Speech Powerpoint
Demonstration S 9/5/2014 Demonstration Speech Outline
Demonstration S 9/4/2014 Demonstration Speech Google+ Topic
Intro Speech tu 8/29/2014 Intro Speech turned into Essay
Introductory Sp 8/25/2014 Introductory Speech
Grammar Quiz 8/22/2014 Grammar Review Quiz
8-22 Classical 8/22/2014 Extra Credit
Classical Music 8/22/2014 Classical Music Guessing Game 8-22
Intro Speech Ou 8/21/2014 Intro Speech Outline Lab Work
3rd Try for Goo 8/19/2014 3rd Try for Google+ Signup
Google+ Adverti 8/19/2014 Google+ Advertisement Summary
3rd Try to Get 8/19/2014 3rd Try to Get Journal
2nd Try to Get 8/18/2014 2nd Try to Get a Journal
2nd Try for Goo 8/18/2014 2nd Try for Google+ Community Signup
Grammar Diagnos 8/15/2014 Grammar Diagnostic Test
Diagnostic Onio 8/14/2014 Diagnostic Onion Paragraph
Got a Journal 8/14/2014 Got a Journal
Signed Up for G 8/14/2014 Signed Up for Google+ Community