Assignment Name Date Assigned Due Date


TKAM Rise and S 12/2/2014 TKAM Rise and Shine
Walk in Someone 11/21/2014 Walk in Someone Else's Shoes- Journal Entry
TKAM Quiz Chapt 11/20/2014 TKAM Quiz Chapters 3-4
TKAM Chapter 1 11/18/2014 TKAM Chapter 1 & 2
TKAM Chapter 1 11/13/2014 TKAM Chapter 1 Quiz
TKAM Chapter 1 11/12/2014 TKAM Chapter 1 Annotations
To Kill a Mocki 11/10/2014 To Kill a Mockingbird Setting Research Projec
Afterthoughts 11/6/2014 Afterthoughts
Opening Paragra 11/6/2014 Opening Paragraph Discussions
Opening Paragra 11/3/2014 Opening Paragraph Creation
Flowers Annotat 11/3/2014 Flowers Annotations
Time for the Hu 10/29/2014 Time for the Hunt
Most Dangerous 10/29/2014 Most Dangerous Game Comprehension Test
Fallacy Project 10/28/2014 Fallacy Projects
Most Dangerous 10/27/2014 Most Dangerous Game Annotations
Creative Writin 10/20/2014 Creative Writing Short Story
Journal Entry 10/17/2014 Journal Entry 9-10
Quarter 1 10/17/2014 Quarter 1 Multiple Choice
Class Participa 10/17/2014 Class Participation
Quarter 1 Essay 10/17/2014 Quarter 1 Essay
Extra Credit- 1 10/16/2014 Extra Credit- 1st Quarter
Bellringer 10/9/2014 Journal Entry
Literary Terms_ 10/9/2014 Literary Terms (Matching)
Plot Diagram 10/6/2014 Plot Diagram
Ibis Annotation 9/30/2014 Ibis Annotations
Scarlet Ibis Pr 9/30/2014 Scarlet Ibis Project
Scarlet Ibis Qu 9/29/2014 Scarlet Ibis
Story Map Bellr 9/29/2014 Story Map Bellringer
Poems inspired 9/25/2014 Poems inspired by a theme from The Lottery
Genre paragraph 9/23/2014 Genre paragraphs
Lottery Discuss 9/22/2014 Lottery Discussion
Read & Annotate 9/22/2014 Read & Annotate The Lottery
Haiku Bellringe 9/18/2014 Haiku Bellringer
There Will Come 9/18/2014 There Will Come Soft Rains Discussion
Journal Entries 9/16/2014 Journal Entries
Discussion (The 9/16/2014 Discussion (There Will Come Soft Rains)
Body Paragraph 9/15/2014 Body Paragraph Assessment
Nonfiction Pack 9/9/2014 Nonfiction Packet Annotations
38 Witnesses di 9/8/2014 38 Witnesses article (discussion)
Parts of Speech 9/4/2014 Parts of Speech Test
Chicago Tribune 9/1/2014 Chicago Tribune Article
Mother Tongue 9/1/2014 Mother Tongue
Class Discussio 8/28/2014 Class Discussion
Letter to Birmi 8/26/2014 Letter to Birmingham Annotations
Grammar (Whiteb 8/26/2014 Grammar (Whiteboards)
Sedaris in-clas 8/21/2014 Sedaris in-class essay
Class Supplies 8/20/2014 Class Supplies
Write A Letter 8/20/2014 Write A Letter
Us and Them Que 8/19/2014 Us and Them #2
Us and Them Ann 8/19/2014 Us and Them Annotations
Us and Them 8/14/2014 Us and Them