Assignment Name Date Assigned Due Date


Quiz: Balancing 11/25/2014 Quiz: Balancing EQ
Test: Chemical 11/4/2014 Test: Chemical Naming
HW: Naming 10/31/2014 HW: Naming
Lab: P-trends 10/27/2014 Lab: P-trends
Test: P-Table 10/27/2014 Test: P-Table
Quiz: Elements 10/10/2014 Quiz: Elements
HW: Crossword E 10/8/2014 HW: Crossword Elements
Extra Credit: W 10/8/2014 Extra Credit: Word Find Elements
HW: Fill In Ele 9/30/2014 HW: Fill In Element story
HW: Atomic Graf 9/29/2014 HW: Atomic Graffitti
Video: The Atom 9/25/2014 Video: The Atom
Test: Common Qu 9/25/2014 Test: Common Questions
Test: Unit 2 9/23/2014 Test: Unit 2
Lab: Cheeto lab 9/18/2014 Lab: Cheeto lab write-up
Lab: Chemical C 9/12/2014 Lab: Chemical Changes
Test: Unit 1 9/5/2014 Test: Unit 1
Lab: Density 9/5/2014 Lab: Density
Lab: Can You Me 8/29/2014 Lab: Can You Measure Up
Lab: What Did I 8/21/2014 Lab: What Did I Produce
HW: Safety Quiz 8/18/2014 HW: Safety Quiz - Take Home
HW: In Your Eye 8/15/2014 HW: In Your Eye
HW: Safety Cont 8/14/2014 HW: Safety Contract Sign Off
HW: Syllabus Si 8/14/2014 HW: Syllabus Sign Off