Assignment Name Date Assigned Due Date


OP Common Quiz 12/2/2014 OP Common Quiz
OP Reading Quiz 12/1/2014 OP Reading Quiz 1-15
Comma WS A 11/24/2014 Comma WS A
Curious Inciden 11/21/2014 Curious Incident Essay
Chapter Review 11/14/2014 Chapter Review Questions
Sentence Struct 11/11/2014 Sentence Structure Quiz
Anecdote 11/7/2014 Anecdote
Flashback/Image 11/6/2014 Flashback/Imagery Letter
Curious Quiz pg 11/5/2014 Curious Quiz pg. 1-99
Adjective Claus 10/29/2014 Adjective Clause WS
POV Rewrite 10/23/2014 POV Rewrite
Complex Sentenc 10/22/2014 Complex Sentence WS
Extra Credit 10/17/2014 Extra Credit
Temple Grandin 10/17/2014 Temple Grandin Questions
Common Assessme 10/16/2014 Common Assessment
Hamlet Summarie 10/10/2014 Hamlet Summaries
Hamlet Essay 10/10/2014 Hamlet Essay
Journal 10/8/2014 Journal
Hamlet Common Q 9/30/2014 Hamlet Common Quiz
King Comparison 9/29/2014 King Comparison
To Be or Not To 9/25/2014 To Be or Not To Be Parody
Subject Predica 9/22/2014 Subject Predicate Quiz
Act 2.1 Scene R 9/17/2014 Act 2.1 Scene Rewrite
POS Quiz 9/5/2014 POS Quiz
Hamlet Thematic 9/2/2014 Hamlet Thematic Paragraph
College Essay 8/29/2014 College Essay
Adv vs Prep 8/28/2014 Adv vs Prep
Adj vs Pronoun 8/25/2014 Adj vs Pronoun