Assignment Name Date Assigned Due Date


Painting Contou 12/1/2014 Painting Contour Line check
2 color Composi 11/21/2014 2 color Compositions
Abstract Compos 11/17/2014 Abstract Compositions
Color Quiz 11/12/2014 Color Quiz
Color Practice 11/7/2014 Color Practice
NAHS Extra Cred 11/7/2014 NAHS Extra Credit
Tints and Shade 11/6/2014 Tints and Shades
Value Drawing 11/4/2014 Value Drawing
Paint Color Whe 10/27/2014 Paint Color Wheel
Colored Pencil 10/22/2014 Colored Pencil Color Wheel
Half Value Chec 10/6/2014 Half Value Check
Contour line Pr 9/18/2014 Contour line Progress check
Value Quiz 9/11/2014 Value Quiz
MC Escher Works 9/8/2014 MC Escher Worksheet
Value Packet Gr 9/5/2014 Value Packet Grasshopper drawing
Value Packet 9/5/2014 Value Packet Scales
Value Packet St 9/5/2014 Value Packet Stippled Horse
Value Sphere 8/27/2014 Value Sphere
Signed Material 8/26/2014 Signed Materials
Scissor Drawing 8/26/2014 Scissor Drawing
Tissue Extra Cr 8/22/2014 Tissue Extra Credit
Hand Drawing 8/20/2014 Hand Drawing
David Drawing 8/20/2014 David Drawing
Upside-down Dra 8/18/2014 Upside-down Drawing
Line Practice 8/18/2014 Line Practice
Parent Signatur 8/18/2014 Parent Signature
Joining Edmodo 8/15/2014 Joining Edmodo