All-School Test Day 2018


All-School Test Day has been scheduled for Tuesday, April 10. Students will be dismissed at 1:20 p.m., and there will be no early period classes. 

• SENIORS — Grade 12 students do not test or attend school on this day. This is a good opportunity for students to spend the day working on scholarship applications (see some options at, visiting nearby colleges, studying, or preparing for next year’s transition to college or other post-secondary plans.
• FRESHMEN, SOPHOMORES & JUNIORS — Freshmen will take the PSAT 8/9, sophomores the PSAT 10, and juniors the SAT. These exams consist of tests in Reading, Math, and Writing & Language. The math test has two sections: one that permits a calculator and one that does not. The SAT taken by juniors is an official exam, and the scores are accepted by colleges and universities for admission and scholarships. 

Students are reminded to get a good night’s sleep, to eat a healthy breakfast and to bring their student ID, several No. 2 pencils and a calculator. It is important that every student perform his/her best to provide the most accurate picture of their academic achievement and growth. This helps H-F better customize their educational experience.  

Many resources are available for students, both before and after the exams. In January, parents received a letter containing their student’s College Board access code from fall testing. The access code is used to establish an account with the College Board, which allows students to view their test results, register for retests, access information about college applications and more. Additionally, these accounts can be linked to Khan Academy (, which provides free customized test prep that adjusts as students learn. Instructions on how to establish a College Board and Khan Academy account were included with the codes. In May, updated access codes will be sent, and your student will use these to link their April test scores with their College Board account. 

For questions about All-School Test Day, please contact the Assessment Department at 708-335-5585.