(Feb. 2012) For her 14 years of service, Lynda Sinnokrak, Student Assistance secretary, received the Friends of Student Assistance Award at the Illinois Association of Student Assistance Professionals' annual conference on Feb. 9 in Springfield. Lynda was nominated by John Schwaller, Student Assistance Coordinator. According to John, Lynda "understands that Student Assistance is not just an office, but a place where people can find safety and hope. Lynda has made the office a place where students feel welcomed and can find resources and support. She has been a gift to our school.


(April 2011) Kathy Flemingof H-F's Guidance Department was a presenter at theIllinois School Counselor Association's 2011 Annual Conference, held in Springfield on April 29. Her From Problem to Opportunity: The Park Forest PD Guided Vision Program introduced attendees to the Guided Vision program, a cooperative venture of law enforcement, counselor education, community participants and schools.

(March 2011) Guidance Counselor Dr. Karen Olson has been appointed to the editorial board of the Journal for Counseling in Illinois for a two-year term! The journal — a scholarly publication with juried articles — is printed by the Illinois Counseling Association, based in DeKalb. Karen will be one of the editors who critique and choose the submissions for publication. Congratulations!

(March 2011)H-F's Student Assistance Coordinator John Schwaller has been awarded the 2011 Illinois Education Association's Human & Civil Rights Award! He received his award on Friday, March 11, at the IEA Assembly in front of thousands of teachers.


(March 2010) Congratulations to Dr. Karen Olson, guidance counselor, on her nomination for a Golden Pen (Zlatna penkala) award from the country of Croatia. Two nominees are selected from 18 different countries, and she is the U.S. print nominee. Sponsored by the Croatian Tourist Board, the Golden Pen Award recognizes the best articles, radio and TV reports on Croatian tourism written by international journalists. Olson will travel to Croatia the second week in June, and will participate in a four-day trip around the country. All nominees may receive the Grand Prix award, which is given to two Golden Pen recipients as the grand prize. We wish Olson good luck in her travels, and are excited to learn of the results of her exciting trip!

(Feb. 2010) Congratulations to John Schwaller, Social Worker and Student Assistance Coordinator, who received the 100% SAP Award from the Illinois Association of Student Assistance Professionals (IASAP) on Feb. 18 for exceptional leadership, dedication and support of Student Assistance Programs at H-F. Schwaller also serves on the Governing Board for the IASAP.