Academic Support

Often students need more support in order to develop the skills necessary to earn the grades they desire.  Instead of feeling frustrated, defeated or hopeless, try utilizing some of the resources provided here.


Information regarding tutoring, study skills, test-taking tips, schedule changes and testing is provided.


NOTE:  Being self-motivated can be a challenge!  Without motivation, students lack the drive to study instead of watch TV, engage in social media, or simply hang-out with friends.  It is important that students look within to discover a reason for wanting to become a better student.  Often it is difficult to know where to start!


  • Just Do It!  Everyone has to start somewhere.  Start small by setting short term goals that can be easily obtained.  
  • Feed Your Curiousity!  Start with doing work for your favorite subject/teacher or reading about something that you enjoy.  
  • Improve Your Self-Esteem!  Build confidence by doing good things for others and engaging in extra-curricular activities in which leadership skills can be developed.  It is a great way to learn about yourself - strengths, weaknesses, motivators, and self-beliefs that hold you back.
  • Keep Good Company!  Feed off the positive energy and motivation of others around you!  It can be contagious!
  • Get Hungry!  Monitor your progress, but be careful to compare yourself to you.  Use the momentum from the success to eventually create new routines and habits.  
  • Set Attainable Goals & Reward Yourself!  Any small accomplishment should be rewarded!  
  • Expect Set-backs!  We cannot be perfect all the time!  Don't be afraid to make mistakes and be open to constructive criticism.