The H-F Mathematics Department strongly believes that all students should have the opportunity to learn mathematical concepts and skills necessary to prepare them for any post secondary experience. It is our expectation that students will reach their highest level of mathematics by utilizing critical thinking skills, engaging in exploration and discovery activities, and solving complex problems. To accomplish this, teachers will implement various learning strategies and techniques, employ technology and evaluate student progress using multiple forms of assessment.

Students will...

  • Increase their ability to visualize, describe and analyze situations in mathematical terms
  • Utilize a variety of learning strategies
  • Employ technology to increase their ability to solve mathematical challenges
  • Demonstrate their learning through multiple forms of assessment
  • Build on their prior mathematical knowledge
  • Incorporate critical thinking activities on a regular basis
  • Explore and discover mathematical concepts and procedures
  • Use technology widely and responsibly to further basic understandings and perceptions
  • Make, explore, and justify conjectures using technology
  • Demonstrate clearly and completely their knowledge of mathematics
  • Extend their overall engagement with mathematics