Curriculum is the organized intentions, plans and programs for what students are expected to learn. At Homewood-Flossmoor, our Curriculum Framework provides a structure for both developing new courses and revising existing ones as well. Based largely on the work of Drs. Jerry J. Bellon and Elner C. Bellon in Curriculum Development and Renewal: A Frame of Reference (2001), the H-F Curriculum Framework strives to provide all H-F instructors with a uniform written curriculum that “is teacher friendly in format and organization” (Bellon and Bellon, p. 10). The curriculum framework was first constructed from the discussions of H-F administrators and department chairs in 2008. College Readiness and College Board Standards were added to the framework in 2010, followed by International Baccalaureate Programme Standards in 2013 and Common Core State Standards/Illinois Learning Standards in 2014. Definitions (printed in italics) come from Curriculum Development and Renewal: A Frame of Reference (Bellon and Bellon, 2001). Click here to view the complete Curriculum Framework.

H-F’s Push-Pull Philosophy

The teachers and administrators of Homewood-Flossmoor High School believe the greatest service we can provide our students is an education that provides them with the intellectual, emotional, and social skills necessary to succeed in their post-secondary life. To this end, Homewood-Flossmoor has adopted an open-enrollment policy for course selection, which permits students andtheir families to select all of their courses under the professional advisement of their guidance counselors.The goal to opening up enrollment to Advanced Placement, Honors and College Prep courses is to “push” students into the most rigorous courses in which they can be successful as we utilize support systems to “pull” them through these courses with the best experience and grades possible. Numerous studies have shown that students who successfully complete a rigorous high school curriculum are more prepared for the challenges of post-secondary work and perform at a higher level than their peers who do not enroll in such rigorous courses. Thus, our aim is for all H-F students to select courses that will challenge them academically while providing them with the optimum opportunity for success.

Department Staff:

Dr. Nancy Spaniak, Director of Curriculum, Instruction & Professional Development



Karen Lockwood, Department Secretary