Career & Technical Ed

Career & Technical Education will help you develop skills in making responsible and resourceful judgments related to problem solving and creative thinking in an environment of industry and technology. Through the various curriculums that are offered, you have a broad selection of technical areas to meet your interests: Automotive Technology, Drafting/Design, Manufacturing Technology, and Networking Systems. Each area of study consists of several sub-components — from an introductory level through advanced — that are flexible in design order to meet changing technologies.

Career & Technical Education students will:

  • Develop insight and understanding of technology, its uses and its place in our culture.
  • Develop critical-thinking skills through the gathering, organizing, analyzing, expanding and synthesizing of information and by solving complex technical problems.
  • Learn to apply mathematics, written and oral communication, science, mechanical and technical knowledge to seek solutions and solve problems.
  • Reinforce / apply academic skills through experiential activities.
  • Utilize practical application learning and skills.
  • Develop abilities in the proper and safe use of tools, machines and processes utilized by industry.
  • Discover and develop talents, interests, individual potential and career opportunities in the industrial technology-related areas.
  • Acquire interpersonal skills in such areas as human relations, safety and health, positive work habits and employability skills.
  • Develop the skills needed to exercise and follow effective leadership in fulfilling occupational, social and civic responsibilities.
  • Prepare for entrance into a four-year college professional program or advanced post-secondary community college program.
  • Develop entry-level job skills upon the completion of a course sequence in a selected curriculum area.