Business Education is for all students

Students will. . .

  • Expand their knowledge of essential business-related computer applications;
  • Become familiar with the basics of accounting, finance, marketing, and business and personal law;
  • Develop interpersonal skills necessary to building successful business-related careers.

 What Business Education Can Do For You

Business Education provides a foundation for success for all students, no matter what your ultimate goals in life. You will learn the relationships of one facet of business to another, how the functional areas of business — such as marketing, management, accounting, production and finance — must work together for a successful business. You will also learn the basic skills of computation, communication, decision making and problem solving. You will understand how computational skills are used and why they are important. You will see that jobs are lost, work is not properly completed and orders are not received because of poor communication. Consequently, the skills of writing, listening and speaking are important components of all Business Education courses.

Computers in Society

The ability to use computers efficiently with other components of information systems, a basic area of Business Education, is also a "must" for everyone in our increasingly technological society. One of the most important components of Business Education is information systems. In this critical area you will learn to use computers as tools in conjunction with related software. In addition, you will learn to make decisions, to produce professional documents, to communicate via Internet, and to research topics utilizing libraries around the world.

Students who study Business Education will have increased opportunities to succeed in whatever field they may choose to pursue.