Viking Test Prep

2017-2018 Viking SAT and ACT Test Prep Dates


Session Days Dates Test Date
PSAT Prep Session 1 Wednesdays 3:15-5:20 p.m. 9/6/17 - 10/4/17 10/11/17 PSAT
PSAT Prep Session 1S Sundays 1-3:05 p.m. 9/10/17 - 10/8/17 10/11/17 PSAT
SAT Prep Session 2 Wednesdays 3:15-5:20 p.m. 2/28/18 - 4/4/18 4/10/18 SAT
SAT Prep Session 2S Sundays 1-3:05 p.m. 2/25/18 - 4/8/18 4/10/18 SAT

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Session 1 Tu & Th 3:15-5:20 p.m. 9/26/17-10/26/17 10/28/17 ACT
Session 2 Tu & Th 3:15-5:20 p.m. 10/31/17-12/7/17 12/9/17 ACT
Session 3 Tu & Th 3:15-5:20 p.m. 5/1/18-6/7/18 6/9/18 ACT

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Why is Test Prep Important?

A student's SAT and/or ACT score is perhaps the single most important number college admissions offices consider as they make their decision.  It can be the deciding factor in whether or not a student is accepted to the college of their choice.  Equally important, the higher the student's scores on these exams, the greater the amount of financial aid many schools will extend.

How Does Viking Test Prep Work?

The cost is $150 and includes a pre-test, a study guide (if applicable) and 10-20 hours of instruction over a five-week period. Our program is taught by content specialists from Homewood-Flossmoor High School. We use the pre-test results (for ACT Prep) to create tiers of classes. Students receive instruction at the level appropriate for them. Each week students receive one hour of instruction in each of the subject-area tests. For ACT, there are classes in English, Reading, Math and Science. For SAT, there are classes in Math, and Evidence-Based Reading and Writing.


How do I sign up?

1.    Decide which test you plan to take.
2a.  If you are taking the ACT Prep, first register for the ACT you plan to take at
2b.  If you are taking the SAT, decide whether you want to prepare for the Fall or Spring all-school test date.
3.    Download the Test Prep form of your choice.
4.    Bring the completed form and $150 to the Campus Store in the South Cafeteria. Registration forms are also available at the Campus Store.