Viking Media

Student TV: Viking Television/VTV
Faculty Sponsor: Mark Cielsielski
VTV is our student-run television station that produces daily video announcements and special segments weekly. Click here for more Viking TV info.


Student Newspaper: The Voyager
Faculty Sponsor: Glen Leyden
The Voyager is our award-winning, student-run newspaper program that publishes bi-weekly editions. The Voyager was No. 1 in the state of Illinois in 2011! Click here for more Voyager info.


Student Radio: WHFH 88.5 FM
Faculty Sponsor: 
WHFH is our student-run, 1500-watt radio station, broadcasting at 88.5FM five days per week. Click here for more WHFH info.


Student Yearbook: Odin
Faculty Sponsor: Candi Helsel-Wilk
This annual H-F publication is entirely student-produced. Our intent is to do our best to represent as many members of the student body as possible while holding to the highest journalistic standards. Click here for more Odin info.


Student Literary Magazine: Edda
Faculty Sponsor: Sahar Mustafah
This annual H-F publication features creative writing and artwork by H-F students and staff. The magazine was introduced to the school in the 1961/62 school year; its name, Edda, is derived from volumes of Norse oral mythology, meaningfully connected to the school's mascot, the Viking, in tradition and spirit. It exists to be a creative voice for the students of H-F to express their broad and diverse talents. Click here for more Edda info.