Mathletes Win SWSC Conference


The H-F Mathletes won the SWSC Red Division Conference Championship on Jan. 23. The team defeated the other seven schools by scoring 530 points, with closest competition coming from Stagg (419) and Lincoln-Way North (394). The team finished 1st place out of 8 in 11 of the 15 events, including a perfect score by the seniors on Trigonometric equations. Below are the individual results for events:
• Seniors - Functions and Limits: 1st place
• Seniors - Trigonometric Equations: 1st place
• Juniors - Right Triangle Trig - 1st place
• Juniors - Arithmetic & Geometric Progressions - 3rd place
• Sophomores - Systems of Equations - 1st place
• Sophomores - Quadratic Equations - 1st place
• Freshmen - Order of Operations - 1st place
• Freshmen - Systems of Equations - 1st place
• Junior-Senior Group - 1st place
• Frosh-Soph Group - 4th place
• Junior-Senior Calculator - 2nd place
• Frosh-Soph Calculator - 1st place
• Taxicab Geometry presentation - 5th place
• Exponents and Logarithms presentation - 1st place
• Equations of Lines presentation - 1st place

Four of the 11 1st place finishers not only won 1st place in the SWSC Red, but also scored highest in the entire SWSC! They are: Trigonometric Equations (Gabby Cipriano, Robert Gramilliano, Aesha Jackson, Julia McMurtry, Michael Mitchell, Lerone Weathersby); Junior-Senior Group (Maeve Coates Welsh, Michael Mitchell, Elliott Runberg, Brigid Tobin); Exponential and Logarithms presentation (Lerone Weathersby & Michael Mitchell) and Equations of Lines presentation (Evan Runburg & Noah Colon).

Our other competing Mathletes are:
• Seniors: Erin Bruggeman
• Juniors: Lauren Hurley, Kate Jennings, Emma Lane, Mackenzie Reid
• Sophomores: Peter Cipriano, Gita Connolly, Jacob Fontana, Austin Grandison, Marcus Mangal
• Freshmen: Jessica Barry, Michael Gislason, Nicholas Thompson, Kira VanVoorhees
The team is coached by Michael Sacks.