Student Radio: WHFH 88.5 FM
WHFH-FM radio ´╗┐is a 1500-watt station that is one of the highest powered, high school radio stations in the country. WHFH operates every weekday during the school year and during summer school, as well. With a potential audience of 2.4 million, WHFH offers a wide variety of programming. They have an eclectic rock music format. Daily newscasts offer a variety of international, national and local news. The newsroom is equiped with computers that access the AP wire to ensure up-to-date information and quality newscasts. WHFH's weekly news talk show, Close-Up, includes a number of topics both local and national, which influence the community. WHFH also airs live H-F ´╗┐football, basketball and baseball games.